Business History

Morris Weaver Enterprises is a brokerage-appraisal business that brokers bees and equipment related to the beekeeping industry. I also appraise bees and bee equipment. I am a third generation beekeeper and started beekeeping as a small boy. I am a past president of the Texas Beekeepers Association, The American Bee Breeders Association and the American Beekeeping Federation. I also served on the first National Honey Board as chairman of the legislative committee.


Morris Weaver Enterprises is mainly for the commercial beekeeper looking to buy or sell, from one item, to an entire business. I do have a few items for the small beekeeper. I receive a ten percent commission on the sale price of items that I have listed. If you are interested in using my service, please contact me for a listing agreement.



My origin began in 1888 when my grandmother, Florence Somerford married Zac Weaver. They received ten colonies from Florence’s brothers as a wedding present. Bees have been in the Weaver family ever since. My father, Howard and his oldest brother Roy were partners in the bee business for many years. Another brother, Carol, also kept bees.


About 1928 the Weavers started producing queen bees and later started selling package bees. This became the main part of their business. About 1950 Howard & Roy split their business with Roy and his two sons taking the Italian race of bees and Howard and his two sons taking the Caucasian race of bees. Howard Weaver & Sons was formed and we produced Caucasian, Midnite, Starline, queens and package bees. Bees were kept all across the state of Texas and in the Midwest.


After the death of Howard in October 1985 and the sudden death of Billy Howard in March of 1986, Morris continued the business for ten years. In January of 1996 Morris sold all of his bees and bee equipment and started Morris Weaver Enterprises.


Contact Info:
Morris Weaver
11625 Princess Margaret Ct.
Montgomery, Texas 77316-3616
(936) 448-8061 Tel or Mobile (936) 825-4738